Supporters traveled all the way from the Blue Diamond district in the southwest to downtown’s Clark County Zoning Commission to voice their approval for the proposed Cottonwood Station restaurant and coffee house
Taking great efforts to assure residents it will become an integral part of their community, the operators intend to build a 1,980-square-foot restaurant and bar, and add a 1,055-square-foot, outdoor, covered patio with a fire pit. It sits a short walk from two of the small town’s limited amenities, the library and convenience store.
To better blend into the neighborhood, the restaurant, entrance and parking spaces will face the store that offers a small inventory of snacks, beer and sodas. Cottonwood is adopting a different approach and vows to include healthy dining choices and smoothies on the menu and provide plenty of areas for "eco-tourists" and visiting cyclists to rest their bikes, building an essential outdoor activity pit stop.
Noting the rural area is out of range of food delivery services including pizza, locals look forward to making the restaurant a new focal point for families and the community. A display celebrating the history of Blue Diamond is already planned for the interior.
Very close neighbors Blue Barn LLC are behind the concept, hoped to be open from 6 a.m until at least 6 p.m daily and until 10 p.m on Friday and Saturday. A completion timetable for the built-from-scratch space has yet to be announced.
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Those who need a reason to visit the region around Blue Diamond can stop by Cottonwood Station Eatery, which plans to debut a casual destination by the end of the month, perfect for a day trip from the Strip and beyond.
The neighborhood’s second dining option has been building the 1,980-square-foot restaurant with bar, plus 1,055-square-foot outdoor patio, since the owners broke ground last October.
Created by Steven Enger and Jody Lyman, residents of Blue Diamond and neighbors to their fellow populace of less than 300, the eatery is designed as a focal point for the local community and a travel destination for “eco-tourists.” The area is well known for attracting a large number bicyclists and hikers.
Aiming for a mid-March arrival, opening hours will be 6 a.m. to 8 p.m. daily and until 10 p.m. on Friday and Saturday.
On the menu, “coffee, fresh baked pastries, artisan pizzas, panini, salads, beer, wine, and cider.” A large pizza oven was delivered in January.
Featuring reclaimed wood walls created from the original blue garages that previously stood on this corner of Cottonwood Drive and Village Boulevard, the restaurant is located 18 miles from the Strip.
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Visitors of the popular Red Rock Conservation area will soon be able to whet their appetite with a new dining option in Blue Diamond. Shawn Danoski, chief executive officer of Las Vegas-based DC Building Group, said his general contracting firm has been retained to construct the new Cottonwood Station restaurant within this well-liked outdoor destination. It will be situated at the corner of Cottonwood Drive and Village Boulevard.

Cottonwood Station is an idea that was born from owners Steven Enger and Jody Lyman. They have lived in the historic village of Blue Diamond for over a decade and saw the need for a community café and eatery. Located within the Red Rock Conservation area, Blue Diamond attracts large groups of outdoor enthusiasts with its world-class cycling, mountain biking and climbing areas. Cottonwood Station will offer everything from coffee to beer and wine, as well as in-house baked goods, lunch and dinner for guests to enjoy on the scenic outdoor patio. The 1,800-square foot restaurant will break ground on August 23 and will be designed by Almany Architecture.

“We are excited for Cottonwood Station to become a dining destination for those who want to experience a small, historical village in this beautiful and quaint area,” said Lyman.

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